DotW: Not a Spy by on @DeviantArt

Shiloh made a habit of looking after the small group of wolves that had decided to join her on her journey by scouting around their makeshift camps fair. DotW: Not a Spy

A Warrior's Choice.. by on @DeviantArt

A Warrior's Choice.. by on @DeviantArt

The leader by on @DeviantArt

mouse and Gin©Yoshihiro Takahashi art © The leader

Ginger/Female/kind/loyal/playful/l:friends,music,cinnamon/crush:none/weird/cute/fluffy/super soft/family died in clan fight/left eye has scar/BFF:Faith,jason,comet,sunny,magic/cool/acts like puppy

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C: My Mind by Snow-Body on deviantART

Commission Small - Headshot character (c) ~kaussin artwork (c) =Snow-Body random titel. idk, no ideas XD awww cute little green wolf .

48b915680ef24fcafe3c5857f47eec99--wolf-spirit-white-wolves.jpg (736×736)

48b915680ef24fcafe3c5857f47eec99--wolf-spirit-white-wolves.jpg (736×736)

I considered this digital since most of it is - the color that is. The sketch is traditional media all the way! Just simple color, no digital shading... I was more concerned with having this piece ...

Akia ref by KaiserTiger on deviantART (((Sometimes a fursona looks the same if the similar color is chosen so I give crydit to who made this artwork ( ( ( its looking at a photo and sometimes can really feel how it is to be that animal))) (((Hugs)))