.... It's not far from my thoughts around people like this sometimes.

I love Mark Sheppard. On the scale of Mark Sheppard to Misha Collins how weird are you in photos?---I would say like Jared.>>> freakin Misha I'm the goofball making faces in serious photos

So me when I'm woke up lol

If this is really true: it's awesome :D Jensen is so relaxed on set/at work that he's falling asleep.this man is just so adorable!

Destiel ||| Supernatural + Frozen ||| Supernatural 9x03 "I'm No Angel"

Oh Chuck I just love it, all you can see of Sam is the arm and it looks like it failed to do the one job Sam wanted it to do.hold back Dean

It burns! Jensen's reaction is gold. I honestly think Jensen is far more insulted than Jared, haha

Bad hair days…

6x03 The Third Man - I love the look of awkward confusion on Dean's face. He had no idea he shared a such profound bond with Cas.

aka "I wasn't gonna mention it, but I love you and you are mine. I didn't think you'd want other people to know. Haha SAMs face in the last frame!>>> people think we write captions on these, nope, real lines. I love this show so much