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Amazing Pictures Of Double Exposure

Multiple Exposure Series by Simone Primo. I like these pictures because they cleverly join two pictures together. Because the pictures are in the shape of a person, the picture inside could be representing emotions/feelings.

double exposure

This is a cool photoshop idea. it takes a basic picture and adds more to it. maybe try with transfer photography?

Here's a tutorial on how to do double exposure on Photoshop. Inspire your creativity with our unlimited downloads of high-quality, royalty-free photos, vectors, illustrations & other design elements from GraphicStock.

I like how this tutorial could show you how to add another element and you could go from a plain photo to having a cool element.

My name is Alexis, I'm 18 years old, I live in Paris and I practice digital double exposure. I love art and I draw for many years, and I've recently started digital work for a better quality of my work.  Usually I spend 3 or 4 hours making one double exposure creation.

Double Exposure Portraits Where I Merge Two Worlds Into One

This amazing creation was created by Alexis, 18 year old who live in Paris. He practiced digital double exposure and he loves art, he recently started digital

On Every Street - Lyrics - Dire Straits - Mark Knopfler

Antonio Mora Antonio Mora is an experienced creative Spanish who after an extensive career like designe.


Properties of light and how to apply them in photography. Another silhouette favorite, I like the way the light outlines her head. For some reason, this says a lot about the emotion of this subject, and silhouette is very effective way to portray emotion.

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