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We need these more than ever.

24 Tweets So Beautiful That They Honestly Might Make You Cry A Little

We need these more than ever.

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28 Animals Who Have Made A Huge Mistake - This turtle who just totally underestimated the distance he had to jump:

Mean parrot

Animals That Are Huge Jerks. This bird that thought no one would see him push that turtle off the ledge.

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13 GIFs Of Big Cats Acting Like Regular-Sized Cats - don't like how he knocked the cat off his back.there's a nicer way to help them off

Hahahaha. So awkward

(This is the funniest pic/Pin. I love the kids body language, and the look on the cats face, like he knows him from someplace; another life, perhaps.(I want to learn so much more about this cat!Funny Pictures Of The Day - 103 Pics