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illustration of how to work basque stitch. Basque stitch creates a line of twisted loops which looks good on a curved line. ~By SharonB, Pintangle Variation on the blanket stitch

a step by step illustration of how to work feather stitch

a step by step illustration of how to work feather stitch.Feather stitch is also known as single coral stitch and briar stitch. Feather stitch is found extensively on traditional English smocks and on antique crazy quilts.

2 of 2 Embroidered Lyrics. Eels Lyrics | Flickr - Photo Sharing! See blog post here... http://button-button.co.uk/crafting-it-slow/

Write song lyrics out, stitch over the words, and use as decoration or a pillow. I might need to do this with our Wedding song lyrics!

Detailed step-by-step instructions for every stitch imaginable!

Great website for hand embroidery tutorials, like this on for a braided chain stitch. Such a beautiful stitch and the tutorials are wonderful! --Basically Coptic stitch on fabric.

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Step by step illustrated tutorial on how to hand embroider Butterfly Chain stitch which is a composite stitch that is more versatile than it first appears.

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sticken mit "Hilfslinien" wieder was dazugelernt - Burden Stitch. It is a middle age stitch and a type of a cushion stitch. It is used to cover large areas in an embroidery piece and gives a woven effect to the fabric.

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Molly's Sketchbook: Mother's Day Embroidered Scarves - The Purl Bee - Knotted Buttonhole Stitch