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AVTOROS SHAMAN 8×8 ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE, russian super truck beats each hummer a 1000 times!

Avtoros Introduces the Monstrous - Avtoros Shaman All-Terrain Vehicle


Four Forces of Flight Sign Sporty's Pilot Shop Sold by Sporty's Pilot Shop Humorous Sign Add some humor to your hangar or office with this sign. Vintage finish provides a weathered look. Four holes for mounting.

The "Devastator" – Inspired by Frank Frazetta's famous Death Dealer Axe  Scorpion Swords & Knives  Total Length = 48 "  (4 foot)               Blade Length = 14"       Blade Width = 1 foot 2"      Blade Thickness = 1/4"                       Handle Length = 48"    Handle Width = 1 1/4 " Handle = Oak Axe Head Steel & Attachment:  5160 Steel.     Attached with four 1/4" Lag Bolts, Gorilla Glued, & Cut Off Weight = 10 lbs

The "Devastator" – Inspired by Frank Frazetta's famous Death Dealer Axe Scorpion…

10 Car Accessories That You Need in your life! Click to be amazed! #spon #CoolHunter

10 Car Accessories That You Didn't Know You Needed​

The Potato Holder holds your french fries and fits in your car's cup holder. Who invented this?

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Air Force Jobs: 1C4X1 - Tactical Air Command and Control

Best War Machines on Earth, Latest Anti-Terror/Zombie Apocalypse News: Metal Storm - Future Weapons Breakthrough Technology - 1 million rounds per minute!

Artic #truck #car #snow #4x4

Trecol 39294 6x6 - (SILODROME)

These Trucks Are Just What You Need to Get Out Quick Photos) - Suburban Men - August 2015

~What a gorgeous weapon! I can only imagine how marvelous it would feel in my hand, but a bit difficult (for me) to conceal.~ Colt Mod. 1851 Navy, Uberti, USA

The Colt Mod. 1851 Navy, Uberti, USA is very similar to the army model, it has the same frame but the navy version has an octagon barrel and slitely smaller grips.

Tempest craft hawk

Pattern Welded head, on the spike, " blade on the back end. 6 Core opposing twists, and random edges. Punched and drifted eye. The handle is dyed and antiqued ash. Stands about tall and the overall length of the head is Photos by Jim Cooper



This is a bucket-wheel excavator, one of the largest mobile machines in the world and is used in surface mining. It can dig a hole the length of a football field 25 meters deep in one day. Imagine what it is doing to the surface of Earth.

Demis Hassabis, Founder of DeepMind Technologies and Artificial Intelligence Wunderkind at Google, Wants Machines to Think Like Us [Future Computers: http://futuristicnews.com/tag/future-computer/ Artificial Intelligence News: http://futuristicnews.com/tag/artificial-intelligence/ Artificial Intelligence Books: http://futuristicshop.com/category/artificial-intelligence-books/]

Google’s Artificial-Intelligence Wunderkind