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DARPA completes XC2V crowdsourced vehicle | Other | Car

Local Motors has shown how DARPA funded crowd sourced programs can take a concept like its FLYPMode military vehicle, to a prototype in just over 3 months

Taylor Saari @ohsnapitstaylorr | Websta (Webstagram)

Instagram Post by Taylor Saari (@ohsnapitstaylorr)

ZOMBIES!? Get in the Paramount Group Marauder. Omg, click, your life depends on it! #spon #zombies

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

The little woman's car

According to English Russia, a Russian guy designed this car using a modeling software. Then he and his friends got a Nissan Maxima "as a source for some parts" and built it. Looks like an all-terrain batmobile to me.

Ford F650

My dream truck: F 650 with custom work done. 3 years time I will have one of these and will build this sucker with my father.

Ford Zombie Proof BOV Spotted:Expedition Vehicles - Page 11 - Expedition Portal

Ford An armored triple cab Ford used in Iraq by Private Military & Security Contractors. If you’re wondering what those “shark fins” on the bumper and top of the roof are for, they are meant to cut lines that are unintentionally or intentionally set

Jeep Mighty Fc

Jeep Mighty Fc

JEEP MIGHTY FC I believe this would sufficiently carry my family anywhere we wanted to go. To bad that Jeep only made this as a concept vehicle.