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Comic From Dorkly, The Shi*(&ty Life Of Every Stormtrooper.

Stick in there, trooper. View "The Shitty Life of Every First Order Stormtrooper" and more funny posts on Dorkly

STAR WARS Production Photos - The Originals Vs. The Prequels. Love the prequels, (I luv all of them) but......I like the feel of the originals more.

Funny pictures about Start Wars: Prequels vs. Oh, and cool pics about Start Wars: Prequels vs. Also, Start Wars: Prequels vs.

Well Vader you killed a bunch of mini jedi's, you helf Padme in a chokehold and you killed Obi Wan so.....

Always look on the light side of life <<< I think he's looking st the dark side of life. As there are no cookies on the light side

Lightsaber and crystals facts (I have heard differing accounts as to what color goes with what type of Jedi, but still a fun pin)

Lightsaber and Crystal Facts // **very cool info, BUT, with the advent of the Star Wars Story Group, i'm guessing most of this info is NON-canon--officially.

Replace a word from a Star Wars quote with "pants", here are the BEST results: - 9GAG

Replace a word from a Star Wars quote with "pants", here are the BEST results:

Dying!!! Had to choose between putting it on Marvel or Star Wars board

Anakin vs Thor<<< wouldn't that be an interesting fight though? Anakin can use the Force, but Thor could just continuously zap Anakin with lightning.