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Vader Must Have Light Sabers


they know, Master Windu, they know you don't trust them! Sequel pic to this one: Another pointless SW fanart! It's just a joke of course, so Windu fans, don't be offended by him going insane!

Darth Vader is the best if u dont agree then pssss whatever

I need this on a poster in my classroom if students try to complain about me taking their phones!

Unfortunately she ends up sleeping with him later on so....

The best part of this whole movie is Ani's lame attempts at getting the girl and being a legit jedi. But he makes it out of the friendzone

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I CAN'T BREATHE<<<-I will never get tired of people making fun of this stupid line from Attack of the Clones! Worst pick-up line I've ever heard.

Why must this make me laugh?// didnt like when they did this in the prequels…

My parents got me the Darth Vader shower head for Christmas and after it was installed my dad came in and said "now you will learn the shower of the dark side"