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Its a conspiracy!!! Good thing I've read a lot of book. Lol.

Book conspiracy…

What if every book you have ever read was really just blank, but filled with Psychic Paper. and you were reading only what you wanted to? WHOA THERE>>>>then why do my favorite characters die or the book takes a stupid turn<<<<

ha gaaaaaaaaaaaaayy

"someone write a book. Or make an anime. Or a manga. Or a web comic of this I need it." holy crap I'm pre-in-the-fandom this needs to be a thing!

How did Percy Jackson read this book? <--- Probably checked it out to impress Annabeth.

I love the fact that the books name is " The Complete Garden Flower book"----i really want to do this. "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


I've spent too much time thinking about this. SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS. Reading is not only one of the most beautiful things in the world, but one of the greatest gifts in life!


Someone had a good idea, and someone went for it…

One tumbler's response to the prompt "someone should write a book where the main character slowly falls in love with the reader" amazing! I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK!


and then we write books and what if the characters in there are real too, living their own lives. and what if the people who are writing about us are also just characters in books. and holy inception

A chill went through my spine, sending goose bumps through my arms… (writer geek moment:// the author is literally the best ever.  Think of ALL the characters!)

A chill went through my spine, sending goose bumps through my arms… (writer geek moment:// the author is literally the best ever. Props to the author writing this book of life


our media is doing exaftly what the capitol did in the books; downplaying the murder, focusing on the love story

I so agree with this woman and I don't even know who she is.

People who mispronounce words because they learned them from reading independently are deserving of admiration not scorn ~ Johanna Fateman

Read thru to the end. Then stop singing.

Did ed sheeran write that? I believe that the Les Misérables quote was the best thing about this. Also, did your jaw not completely drop while reading this, because mine did.

Buying books / breathing I would buy a book if I don't already have it even if I've read it a million times. So fuck you, peasants who are not worthy of the love that accompanies reading.

~Why do you buy books you've already read? ~Why do you breathe when you know you're gonna die?

On sports and fandoms // Tumblr Gets Deep (21 Pics) | Pleated-Jeans.com

This is really annoying and nobody talks about it- not just for lotr, but for ANY geek/fandom member

countdown to meet your soulmate - Buscar con Google

I saw another post like this where when you meet your soulmate everything goes from black and white to color. And when your soulmate dies it goes back to black and white.