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Moda  Keep the vest the same color or value as the pants.

Mens Style & Look 2017 / 2018 : Men's Waistcoats Using As A Jacket/Blazer Replacement In Summer Outfit I


everybodylovessuits: “ So here’s another one of those Love it but don’t know when and where to use it pieces. I think this is from Tagliatore, they make some awesome but at the same time weird stuff ” Note to self: no vest, Brown sweater with or without z

Black and burgundy mohair wool blend groom suit with matched vest----minus the tie and accessories. The watch chain isn't too bad though.

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Such an awesome cut. When you have wide shoulders large peak lapels look so great. And again such a great mix, plain jacket and pants, tie that matches suit, plain white shirt and vest that pops yet matches with the suit.

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Love the Notice the none-pleated pants with cuffs. The cuffs let the pants hang perfectly on the shoes.

Long Coat Season...

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