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"Doctor Who has had more actors playing the lead character than Sherlock has episodes" - nearly twice as many, I might add. :/

"Doctor Who has had more actors playing the lead character than Sherlock has episodes" - nearly twice as many, I might add. :/ This was when there were only six episodes and 11 doctors.

We are cumbercookies!!!!!

Spread the word people! I am a cumbercookie. You are a cumbercookie. We are all cumbercookies. Together we make a cumberbatch!

:'c I know his pain. My Russian last name is apparently impossible for Americans to spell.<< my name isn't hard to spell but I always have to spell it for people I don't get it

Oh funny Sherlock jokes. Haha. :((((  "What's your favorite ten episodes of Sherlock?"

horrible things<--Poor girl has a horrendous crush on Sherlock and he always puts his foot in his mouth. Other times he's sweet with her but he uses that info of her having a crush on him to his advantage for info on some dead victim.

Apparently there is always a bright side.

At least we have a second positive thing about Sherlock. The other positive thing is that it's awesome.

Martin Freeman's the best

Get your meme on!

I love this man. Not the cleanest mouth ever, but flippin' hilarious, Martin Freeman all the way

I love this fandom so dearly! They are all brilliant and sweet! (Few can be a but overwhelming but every fandom has those)

Now 9 episodes. Ten counting the pilot and soon with the Christmas special coming soon! <<guys, we almost have 13 cannon episodes, 14 if we include the pilot! Guys, that's like half a normal season!

Misha with fan... I am overwhelmed by this man.

Misha with fan. I am overwhelmed by this man. He is such an amazing person!

I love all these things about the props and wardrobe and sets being reused on other shows. It's like easter eggs! And it's not at all a bad thing. I enhances rather than takes away from the viewing pleasure.

The BBC, ladies and gentlemen.<-- Am I the only one that thinks, if there is ever a special where this happens, that Peter NEEDS to play old Sherlock! But I would love the Doctor to meet Sherlock<---they need to make a SuperWhoLock TV show

The Sherlock fandom has always been crazy.

We are the oldest fandom. We're the reason the word fan originates from fanatic. Don't mess with us! The Merlin Fandom is older.