“These childish feelings,  the days we laughed together happily…  I hope we come to treasure them. “  - Kimi ni todoke

Kuronuma and kazehaya ♥♥♥♥ one of the cutest couples out there in anime history! The anime is called "kimi ni todoke", and if you're the type to love romance about a really shy yet misunderstood girl, and a popular guy, then totally watch this!

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Photography of nature that reminds us to keep it simple. Nature is amazing at reminding of how life moves effortlessly. More on our stories of the lessons we observed by embedding ourselves in nature.(Some songs remind us of a sky like this :)

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“The promise of uncertainty changes how I live. It urges me to live. more, as if the very seconds prior to every sunset will be my last.” ― Nadine Brandes, A Time to Speak ZandraArt