Youl Sketches Juin2013 Poses by on @deviantART

some poses studies from june 2013 inspired by the great Kate Fox Youl Sketches Poses

✤ Poses

sorry about the bad quality but my scaner isn´t as good as he should be^^ part 3 will be about body drawing in motion. like fighting or something. female body shapes part 2


Drawing the Female Body - Female body sketches - Poses and Gestures - Anatomical Study - Drawing Reference

El baile es el lenguaje secreto del alma

Ballet pose study (plus one random hand that looked kinda nice so it got stuck up there in the corner) Feel free to use for pose references if you wish, I just did an image search for “ballet poses”.

Tutorial/tips on drawing feet.

Feet-this pin is good because it shows you how to draw feet. Its also good because it shows you how not to draw feet so you can compare it with your figure drawing to give you an idea of how to improve your drawing to see if it looks good or not.

||Tutorial|| Hair shading by Iyokani on DeviantArt

o//A//o / Today I bring you a small tutorial: How coloring or shading the hair? Excuse me, I'm bad at explaining Blonde looks .