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jules - New Zealand's Southern Lights Aurora Australis - (CC)Trey Ratcliff - www.stuckincustoms.com/exhibition-cropped-for-pinterest/

New Zealand's Southern Lights, Aurora Australis. I swear my eyes teared up at the sight of this picture, and I see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) here in Finland almost every year (I live in the south).


Velvet Nebula by StellarDia: This is one of my old creations when I was doing space art. More of this stuff in the future when I finally have time to get back into it.

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Gibson Nebula Image brought to you courtesy of Robot Radio www.robotradio.com | Cosmic Streams of Consciousness |

Gibson Nebula, Visit our Website for more Info and Pictures Patterns in Nature (Exam Unit)



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A series where the best content from our sister, Linxspiration, is rounded up in a large image based post.

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Night Sky — Isle of Wight Milky Way - Night Sky and Landscape Photography by Chad Powell


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Exhibition: Cropped for Pinterest - Trey Ratcliff | Stuck In Customs | HDR Photography Portfolio

New Zealand during the Southern Lights. Called the southern lights, or aurora australis, it's the southern cousin to the aurora borealis and can best be seen from the most southern of landmasses, such as Tasmania, New Zealand and Antarctica.

I am alive at night. I am dead in the morning… — 	Anne Sexton, “Moon Song, Woman Song,” The Complete Poems

I am alive at night. I am dead in the morning… — Anne Sexton, “Moon Song, Woman Song,” The Complete Poems

La belleza del universo - The beauty of the universe - I suppose that These might be nebulas.and the Colors are breathtaking