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well played Jo... Well played

Margaret Thatcher tried to throw Cornelius Fudge out the window! They didn't call her the Iron Lady for nothing

One time, I was talking to my friend and I said that I'm the queen of sarcasm and she said that she's the goddess of sarcasm and so I said, "There's only one God ma'am. And I'm pretty sure he doesn't talk like that."

I understood that reference.<<I understood THAT reference<<Dam people, what the schist are you talking about?<< Idk, it's not my division.

If James figures out Lily has a crush on him and he decides to turn the tables on her so she has to ask him out

If James figures out Lily has a crush on him and he decides to turn the tables on her so she has to ask him out. This is the best headcanon in whole Potter fandom

How could she do this to us ? :( why didnt she write it in :/

I wish he would have. I wish Draco would have taken a stand for what he, deep down, knew was right. I think he'd have been happier with himself if he had. < so sad

And even earlier than that, he for sure organized this small act of rebellion. 23 Things That Definitely Happened In The Harry Potter Universe

and the heart of all the fandom just shattered into little pieces. Why would I need my heart?

Headcannon where Scorpius thinks Neville is the bomb and Draco is just like well this is awkward

Dear Dad, My herbology professor told me you went to Hogwarts together. I bet he was the coolest student back then cause he sure is the coolest professor we have now.

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Oh. Um. Well maybe its because he didnt die...fawkes healed him.

i thought about this a while ago. (probably because in order for the horcrux to be destroyed it must 'die' and since Fawkes healed Harry before the poison killed him getting bitten wasn't able to fully destroy the part of Voldemort in Harry)

Good observation :)

“Harry Potter is symmetrical. Not just symmetrical - this is ring composition, favoured by Homer and other good writers. The book is at the centre of the ring. JK Rowling knows her beans.