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need to make one for my skater boyfriend


I shred the electric guitar, can show up anyone on the half pike, and tag along with Tay to Legal Graffiti Lane

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.  big scary teeth. i'd prefer mine on a tee possibly, although the deck can speak.

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Imagen de girl, skateboard, and style

of both worlds, tattoos and boarding. I like how each one of the tattoos stands for itself, adding more one at a time. love it




Please I just wanna skate I want to make you so proud of me /Asiaskate/

/ photo by French Fred

gear :: photo by French Fred

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Black Skateboa With Anchor

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Já reparou que o suspiro é o único desabafo onde ninguém pode te julgar?

Black Skateboa With Anchor

ńørmāł pēøpłē ščārē mē  Pinterest: Ysabelladel

ńørmāł pēøpłē ščārē mē i want this!

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Natalie Westling Is Modeling’s Original Skater Girl and She Has the Vans Campaign to Prove It