Laelia Santa Barbara Sunset 'Showtime' Orchid - oooh, I really want one of these, love the colors!

Laelia  Ancibarina 'Rosedust'  HCC/AOS

The orchids of North America have evolved an amazing number of ways to survive, and some weird personality quirks to go with them. From social butterflies to ethereal hermits, which one comes closer to you?

Pretty in Pink Orchid Style

Cymbidium Clarisse Austin 'Best Pink' This color would look great with the white and yellow Orchids!

Cultivo de orquÍdeas. La belleza de una flor. Carlos Arcas.

Beautiful Orchid - Jehovah is not afraid to use the whole box of crayons. His use of colour just blows my mind. I am just learning to use colour in my paintings.

Cattleya Appleblossom, orchid

Cattleya Appleblossom, orchid - From my wife`s orchid collection in her greenhouse in our garden in Stavanger, Norway.