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The Making of a Displate

We are proud to present our first official Displate production movie showing a glimpse of how our Artworks on Metal come to live. We don't want to spoil…

1. George Lucas (Star Wars)   Top 10 richest celebrities in the world. See the full list here... http://www.moneymagpie.com/article/the-top-ten-richest-celebrities-in-the-world @Moneymagpie

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)

Tomorrow comes our first event of July: Cinema! Come and discover some short Indian movies with popcorn and hotdogs!

Twin Peaks Show at Copro Gallery, Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA from April 21 to May 12

Gorgeous Twin Peaks-inspired art exhibit wants you to Fire Walk With Me

Glenn Barr~Laura Palmer (I had no idea that Twin Peaks-inspired art existed)

Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me #movies #rockyhorror

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is so perfect it really surprised me the first time I saw this movie!

Supernatural: The Animation -- Watch it. Seriously. It may be lame, it may be horridly cheesy, Bobby may act *nothing* like Bobby in the actual show, and Jess might have brunette hair...but....It's good nonetheless --- if you like cheesiness. :D

Spn anime: Seal n Salt by =brilcrist If Dean had looked this good in the Anime series I wouldn't have minded at all.

Frozen Concept Art

These are concept art shots from the movie 'Frozen'. Again, there are no words to describe what is happening or the types of shots, however the artist did an amazing job at paying attention to detail and to doing a great job at showing emotion.

{{ Play him }} He was a monster and fed on other people but I wasn't scared to him no matter what he did. Today I stood before him and he stares back at me while I watch him, he leans forward and our noses are mere inches apart. "You should be scared of me y/n, I could kill you," he paused to smirk, showing fangs. "I hope you know I admire that." {{ Credit to @Calee }}

Delena Ok, so this scene is from the book It was so hilarious and somehow cute, I saw this image in my mind immediately, just had to make it! Actually, it was one of my favorites funny par.