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RushWorld declares Anna Aksyonova TREND-WORTHY.  Sleek, smart and beautiful. This is the cake of the future. Thanks for visiting RushWorld board,  WEDDING CAKES WE DO! Feel free to browse, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S CAKE  AND HELLO CUPCAKE!

Anna Aksyonova // This looks like the suade effect, possibly done with dry died powdered sugar

“Bird’s milk” cake (update of classic Russian cake). Nina Tarasova. Almond-lemon sponge cake; lemongrass syrup; lemon mousse with agar-agar "Bird's milk"; raspberry jelly; chocolate elements. The ChefsTalk Project.

“Bird’s Milk Cake” (update of classic Russian cake) Nina Tarasova. Almond-Lemon Sponge Cake, Lemongrass Syrup, Lemon Mousse with Agar-Agar Bird's milk, Raspberry Jelly & Chocolate Elements

"Rota das Estrelas Fortaleza do Guincho KIMS NOTE: If you're feeling it, you could try something ril fancy like this. You could try with Richard - I think he's thinking of coming for a few days.

[ Individual cake "Chocolate & Praline" ] Chocolate pate sucre with fleur-de-sel; almond-hazelnut sponge cake praline; chocolate mousse with tonka beens, croquant chocolate and praline with nuts; light mousse praline. ✅ By - @niksya ✅  #ChefsOfInstagram

Chef Nina Tarasova : "Chocolate and praline": chocolate pate sucre with fleur-de-sel; chocolate nousse with tonka beens; croquant chocolate and praline with nuts;