PORTRAIT OF SHIV JI TIWARI by Joey L.  Varanasi, India

Sadhus: Holy Men of Varanasi, India. Portrait of Shiv Ji Tiwaril Photo by: Joey…

Joey L

Lal Baba by Joey L. - When he was young, Lal Baba’s parents arranged a marriage for him. Uncertain about his future, he ran away from home in Bihar Siwan and took up the lifelong task of becoming a sadhu.

O fotógrafo Joey Lawrence, mais conhecido por Joey L., passou anos indo para Índia e para a Etiópia, e desenvolveu o projeto fotográfico Holy Men, na qual ele retrata os homens santos desses lugares que estão na busca de uma libertação espiritual.

homens santos da índia nas lentes de joey l.

Holy Men of Varanasi, India. Lal Baba’s life is to travel. Even at 85 years old, he will continue to travel from holy place to holy place in India and Nepal. Photo by: Joey L via Neil

By Joey L.

Admirez cette puissante série de portraits d’Indiens qui ont choisi de consacrer leur vie à leur foi

Baba Vijay Nund outside his ashram on the banks of the Ganges River, Varanasi, India by Joey L.


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A nomad with chronic eye problems wears goggles to ward off dust, Phala, Chang Tang, Tibet (Photo by Melvyn Goldstein/National Geographic/Getty Images)

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