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Detail of Fresco from Pompeii Depicting Bowl of Fruit

Glass vase filled with fruit (detail) , fresco in a room of Poppaea's Villa at Oplontis, Italy

Fresco detail, Villa di Giulia Felice, Pompeii,  1st century AD

This is one of my favourite frescoes! Frescoes from the Villa di Guilia Felice in Pompeii Roman century CE

Grapes and pomegranatets (Detail) - Pirithous, with Hippodamia, receives homage from one of the centaurs, who are guests at his wedding - from Pompeii - Naples Archaeological Museum

Grapes and pomegranates (Detail) ~ Still-Life from Pompeii or Herculaneum ~ Naples, Archaeological Museum

House of the Orchard pompeii - Google Search

Roman fresco (detail) from the Garden Room of the Casa del Bracciale d'Oro (VI in Pompeii, 50 BCE - 79 CE Antique Depictions of Natural Scenery

Oplontis: Roman glass (!) bowl with fruits by petrus.agricola, via Flickr

Ancient Roman Fresco from the Villa di Poppea in Oplontis 100 BC - 79 AD. Oplontis was a town near Pompeii, in the Roman Empire. On August AD the eruption of Mount Vesuvius buried it under a deep layer of ash.