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So true.

Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards was a colonial American Congregational preacher, theologian, and missionary to Native Americans. Edwards "is widely acknowledged to be America's most important and original philosophical theologian.

Why to bad things happen to good people?  That only happened once, and He volunteered. - R.C. Sproul, Jr.

Why do bad things happen to good people? That only happened once and He volunteered. Jesus is the only good person to ever have walked the earth.

So very true. Don’t give him the satisfaction!

I love this! We need to pray fervently and not let the devil's lies infiltrate our lives and keep us from God's best for us.

John F. (born June is a pastor and author known for his internationally syndicated radio program Grace to You. He has been the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, Ca since February Theologically, MacA

“If [following Jesus Christ] doesn't cost you anything, it's because you've bought into American Christianity.” - Paul Washer #following #cost #american

says True Godly Christians WILL Suffer Persecution ! "Truly Blessed Family On The Farm"~