The Madison Street Fixed Gear, handmade by Detroit Bicycle Co. Swoon.

Madison Street by Detroit Bicycle Company

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117F1 fixed gear bicycle “Porteur” 2 speed, coaster brakeColumbus etched steel frame handmade in Italy

One of the events at this year’s screening of the Bicycle Film Festival in…

Fancy chrome dropbars, need some cork tape to complete!

A dream in wich steel tubes are the Vehicles for a better usage of what is around us. 'nojoy Vintage Fixed gear bike

City Bike Grips by WalnutStudiolo on Etsy

A comfortable, stylish, and sturdy leather strap for portaging your bicycle on your shoulder, whether its up the stairs or across a river.


Yura by Vanguard Designs

Peugeot Cycles Concept Bike designed by Peugeot Design Lab / Cathal Loughnane.

BIANCHI Super Pista

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I love mountain bikes and BMX bikes but if you can't appreciate the craftsmanship that was put in to this bicycle you're an asshole:

leather saddle

I own one of these Velo Orange saddles and they are awesome!

bsandw: “ Bicycle Store Heritage Paris (vía PACKSHOT | HERITAGE - BICYCLE STORE) ”

Give yourself over to absolute pleasure. Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh. Or maybe just ride your bicycle.