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Why You Should Never Trust Spell Check

Rules always keep me from writing easily. I need to have a no-rule-mode for the first draft, but then be able to turn it on again for editing.

The beautiful part of writing.

A quote by Robert Cormier which underlines the beauty of editing our writing: "The beautiful part of writing is that you don't have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon.

Write to express!

:> If you write to impress it will alway be bad, but if you write to express it will be good. ---Thornton Wilder Francine Francine Shae Francine Francine and London

You know your a writer when....

You're a writer when. you can live for the enjoyment of writing, but hate everything you write.

Write... 10 minutes, a pen and something to write on. I always carry a notebook anymore.

Cory Doctorow: Write even when the world is chaotic. You don't need a cigarette, silence, music, a comfortable chair, or inner peace to write. You just need ten minutes and a writing implement.

Some Stephen King quotes for your entertainment. - Imgur

Don't forget the flying leap from the light switch to the bed across the room, ensuring ample distance from any reach from under the bed. plunk, cover, tuck, close eyes and pray to sleep.

This actually is the ultimate reason I started writing the book I am currently writing. I knew what I wanted to read, but couldn't find it, so I wrote it instead.

30 Inspiring Quotes on Writing

Toni Morrison is one of my favorite authors. I am a complete fan of the novel " The Bluest Eye". I would like to write my own novel one day.