Il colore e' poesia dell'anima : Foto

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imagen shout

Sage mgen 18 and friends of Myra an almost sister. I've probably bailed her out and let her rest from her home sitch. My sitch not much better between ever abusive parents and street life. Me an Myra hangout at a safe house hosted by DJ who can't come bu

ilovefrecklesfan: “ ”

ilovefrecklesfan: “ ”


Beautiful model with blue eyes and red hair.Love the contrast on this picture.

Ok, what is with all the redheads? Now I want to color my hair.

Tho is close tony hair colour but im not sure if I like this or the dark red hair better

dark red hair and blue eyes

I am back once again with my special edition on body piercing. Today I'm going to discuss on Monroe piercing. What is Monroe piercing? It is a kind of lip