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Heart full of adventure. Love this message This would make a cute tatt design too!

I love being a tutor/babysitter/friend at this limbo stage between my own childhood and adulthood.

This couldn't be more true. Being and aunt has literally changed my live, it is the best thing that has ever happened i. My life. 6 nephews and a 1 little precious niece, I couldn't love any of them more. Jesus has been too good to me and my family!

And I erased everything I wanted to say .

Everything is a jumbled mess at the moment, annoyingly. For a few brief days my mind allowed itself to actually think logically, (of course it was still freaking out, but I was managing to get stuf…

You see her suffer everyday, yet you did nothing but watch. Not even a single word..

I'm the contrary. I feel so overwhelmingly full I could bust. I wish I could just all apart.