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I very rarely smoke pot, but I am a very big supporter of making it legal. It just makes absolutely no sense that guns and alcohol are legal, but not grass.

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I may not smoke as much I used to (although I would like to but I can't get any good connections) I still think marijuana is just beautiful ♡

I can pin this on Pinterest but I can't post this on the FB. I love you Pinterest

Stoner circle Hahaha we was hella high listening to because I got high lol


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Revolver pipe🔫 Awesome u don't have to keep packing it

legalization could really help make a difference IMO

People have no idea how many products cAn be produced using the hemp plant. Not even in a drug related way . It is cheaper, grows faster and is less damaging to the environment. Using the hemp plant for production has nothing to do with promoting or

Big pharma is getting pissed.

Cannabis healing health and environmental benefits. This plant needs to be LEGAL! I become repulsed at the thought of ALCOHOL being legal and thousands die a year from the "white mans devil"! WAKE UP!

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Former Surgeon General supports marijuana legalization | massroots.com

Former Surgeon General Supports Marijuana Legalization - MassRoots