Gediminas via The Art of Animation

Gediminas via The Art of Animation.was scrolling through anime city scenes and stumbled upon this owl city album art for the midsummer station.

An old #writingprompt from @io9 back in 2012 #art #concept by Alejandro Burdisio

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Aerial Gas Station and Churro Stand. Retro futurism back to the future tomorrow tomorrowland space planet age sci-fi pulp flying train airship steampunk:

Casa do Mago

Kidnapped princesses island by cornacchia-art landscape location environment architecture on this is amazing!

I love the idea of a room that had outer space wallpaper

GARY TONGE Earth& Sky in 5 billion years when Andromeda closes in on the Milky Way Galaxy as the Collision begins.