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Geodesic Dome

So far, Biodomes has only built the smallest model, dubbed the Pollux, which measures 6 sq.

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Biodome – Spherical House Of The Future

Elegant Geodesic Homes Can Withstand Earthquakes Measuring Magnitude…

Geodesic Dome Connectors

Steel Pipe and PVC Hub Connectors This is the classic way to connect geodesic struts together.

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12 awe-inspiring tree houses for grown-ups

the Honey Sphere Tree House. Buckminster Fuller, who popularized geodesic domes, would love this tree house, owned by Robby Krieger, the guitarist of the Doors. (Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air) - [part of someone else's caption]

Geodesic Dome

Romania's Biodomes is the latest in a long line of firms to design geodesic dome homes

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