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I hope you enjoyed being center of attention when you lived here. Have you thought about your nephews wife's family who lived across the country? Of course not! It had to be all about you.  My Mom can tell you the heartache of not seeing family when she wants. She can say Especially painful when she doesn't see her daughter. That's what happens when you live far away. Not once has,my mother gotten hurt or  jealous that your nephew and his wife took 7 years to visit while seeing you…

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For my daughters. I have done this stuff so many times. I hope my girls don't have to go through half the stuff I did in my years.

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could.

Wise Words from Ralph Waldo Emerson. "Finish each day and be done with it." Stop thinking of the could haves, the should haves, and the screw ups because tomorrow is a new day.

Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway

RDJ: Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway

I hate when people say this to me....give me the dang reason! I have had too much pain in my life for no reason to show up!

The hardest thing about "everything happens for a reason" is waiting for the reason to come along. And how long do u have to wait to get a reason as why bad things happen to good people?

Jay Z Don't tell me what they said about me, tell me why they were so comfortable saying it to you. Know your true friends

Funny pictures about Jay Z nails it. Oh, and cool pics about Jay Z nails it. Also, Jay Z nails it.

{.... and it WILL.. Sooner or later.. decide which will cone 1st! CK}

The truth.so why lie? I tell ya.I can't stand liars and always catching them in small lies. ❀ You've taught her all these years it's ok to tell those 'little white lies'. Now, the consequence is she's ok with lying.