Terrific Sketchbook Works by Pierre-Yves Riveau

French artist and illustrator Pierre-Yves Riveau , perhaps better known as PEZ Artwork, created this series of drawings, playfully titled Distroy. The graphite drawings seem to depict a number of …

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You drained me off all my blood and injected me with poison. No love is not what races through my body it's anger hate and hurt so bad it shapes you to be truly evil and soulless. I like this new me down right soulless feels so damn good.

Graffiti Art Design: Graffiti Spray - Character Design Face

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ZONE @zone1wst _______________________ #madstylers #graffiti #graff #style #colorful #stylewriting #sprayart #graffitiart

ZONE @zone1wst _______________________ #madstylers #graffiti #graff #style #colorful #stylewriting #sprayart #graffitiart

~~~bitch, u can have Groot, I'll take W.C. Clopse!~~~  Dope As Yola Clopse - Weed Cyclopse Vinyl Sticker

~~~bitch, u can have Groot, I'll take W.~~~ Dope As Yola Clopse - Weed Cyclopse Vinyl Sticker

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