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DA Mage Champion Portrait by *YamaO

Mage character with missing right arm replaced by magical prosthetic of some kind? DA Mage Champion Portrait by YamaOrce on deviantART

f Ranger Western Wall patrol

I post a variety of interests: Silent Film History, Silver and Small Screen History, Nature.

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“Terrible Purpose” Shamelessly self-indulgent personal piece, based on an unused sketch from a class I took late last year.

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f Ranger Hawk longbow Helena the Archer by Marthin Agusta Simny Just know that when the Zombies invade.I will be dressing like this and changing my name to Helena!


Mode und Möbel Design treffen sie sich in der Phantasie

Estrega, Ovambrian Elven Paladin of Edthgow, claims her Holy Sword. Last seen leaving Alegrae on Dromond Blacktyde's ship, heading for Vesh and a confrontation with the Niadim.