Terry Trueblood Boathouse, by ASK Studio / Iowa City, Iowa

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Josey Pavilion by Lake|Flato

Chain drainage - Desagüe con cadena // Wooden pavilions by Lake Flato create an education centre in the Texas landscape

Constellations Bar / H. Miller Bro

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Miller Bro in Liverpool, United Kingdom Constellations Bar is an outdoor venue which includes a bar, food truck, art space and community garden.

Kengo Kuma. Yusuhara Town Hall, Yusuhara, Takaoka, Kochi, Japan © Mitsumasa Fujitsuka.

Interiors > Modern City Hall Interior The Yusuhara Town Hall Interior Design Japanese Wooden Structures. 17 times like by user Columns for Town Hall Minecraft Town Hall Interior Great Hall Interior, author Lily Gill.


What is Glulam? How Many Benefits Can Glulam Provide?

What is Glulam? It is a short term for glue laminated lumber and ideal for long span or curved areas. Learn about the different types of glulam.

Whistler Public Library, in British Columbia.

Whistler Public Library, in British Columbia. by Hughes Condon Marler Architects I love the way these glulams are used for a more contemporary heavy timber feel that allows for abstract geometries.


I like visiting the Lynn Valley suspension bridge in North Vancouver. It is not as commercial as its big sister - the Capilano bridge - yet it gives

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14 amazing timber structures explore the future of wood as a building material...

Hello Wood in Hungary brought together students and architects from over 30 countries to construct 14 amazing structures.