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Rothko in his Studio, New York, 1964  by Alexander Liberman

The mysterious tragedy at the heart of Rothko's tranquil masterpieces

Famous Artist's Studios - Mark Rothko Photographed in his New York studio 1964 by Alexander Liberman.

Иногда очень интересно прогуляться по чужим мастерским, заглянуть одним глазком на чью-то творческую кухню. А там, может быть, и свое вдохновение не заставит ждать. Надеюсь, моя подборка фотографий художников за работой и их творческих мастерских и вам принесет вдохновение.

Maybe not a fantasy art studio but I just think it's so neat how they managed to transport and recreate Francis Bacon's studio in the museum after his death.

Artist Piet Mondrian standing next to his last completed painting.   [::SemAp::]

Piet Mondrian (Dutch, with his last finished painting ”Broadway Boogie Woogie”. Photo: Fritz Glarner, colorized by painters-in-color

matchbook Zeppelin, 1930’s

matchbook cover depicting art deco downtown with all the popular modes of transportation; a car, a train, a plane, and a zeppelin. Where can I get a print of this?

Mark Rothko, No 21, 1949, Oil and acrylic with powdered pigments on canvas, 80 x 39 3/8in. (203.2 x 100cm)

21 - 1949 - Mark Rothko - In the pivotal year of Rothko distanced himself from his Surrealist-inspired work of the and began to explore pure abstraction by painting soft-focus squares in diaphanous colors

in studio -  by Josias Scharf, via Flickr

Josias Scharf in studio, shelving under painting - put on wheels

GEORGES BRAQUE (1882-1963) – Along with Picasso and Juan Gris, the main figure of Cubism, the most important of the avant-gardes of the 20th century Art.

GEORGES BRAQUE – Along with Picasso and Juan Gris, the main figure of Cubism, the most important of avant-gardes of the century Art.

Picasso and Brigitte Bardot

vintage fashion history film star model and painter Pablo Picasso & Brigitte Bardot

Mark Rothko in his 69th Street studio, ca 1964.   Photo Hans Namuth.

Mark Rothko in his Street studio, ca Photo Hans Namuth. Mark Rothko was an amazing artist, love his work.

Alphonse Mucha 1902

Alphonse Mucha 1902