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Mk2, funk, vinyl, soul

Mk2, funk, vinyl, soul

love this photo!!!a record collection use to be a status symbol and an example of musical intellect and was also a means to share and connect with others. now that everyone downloads and hold their music collection in a device the size of a cube...well... it just sucked all the fun and creativity out of collecting music!

A studio is not just a place of creation. It's a place of refuge. A location where no matter what's going on in my life, I can travel Put on my headphones. And let the sounds influence my feeling.

En iyi WhatsApp Arka Plan Resimleri | 2015 |

Oh I miss the local record shop! And I mean before Sam Goody & stores of that kind. Indepedent stores where you could find albums not so mainstream and stocked kick ass music.they're all gone thanks to corporate music companies.

Old diaries

Vintage record player and vinyl records - That moment when the needle hits the vinyl.

Vinyl wall

I need a vinyl collection like this. And the space to store it. And a record player.

Funk, vinyl, mk2

Funk, vinyl, mk2