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Reposted in memory of Severus Snape(Alan Rickman) He died last night and this morning was made official. RIP Alan Rickman we will remember you


I really love this. after all those years of hating him while I read the books, and then I got to the end and had never felt so bad.😭this makes me cry and feel bad I wanted to kill Snape at the end of the book!


You'll always be remember. Always. I can't not crying if i see his photo, this is such a heartbreaker news. Rest In Peace Alan Rickman. My you rest in peace. always

Dobby is ... happy ... to be with his friend, Harry ... Potter.

Harry and Dobby (R.P) was crying in the cinema at this part of the movie now every time i watch the movie i always cry - poor Dobby, u will alway be remembered and in my heart


Slytherin: Love from a Slytherin is a rare thing indeed. So when you get it never let it go I need this, I will accept Slytherin, and I guess ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, no gryffindor!