satan | Bulimic Sees Herself in Milton’s Satan

Satan’s Fall from John Milton’s Paradise Lost illustrated by Gustave Doré in 1866

Lucifer - Gustave Doré

Gustave Dore - Illustration to Paradise Lost by John Milton - 25 - Satan smitten by Michael - "Then Satan first knew pain, And writhed him to and fro convolved"

Art Passions Fairy Tales - Gustave Dore Fairy Tale Art illustrations

The illustrations from the History of the Crusades by Michaud: woodcuts by Gustave Doré


gustave doré: gravura como literatura

Doré, Gustave Daniel in Lion’s Den .animals will defer to God's authority when He asks it of them.

Gustave Doré Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy: The Valley of suicides

Listers, for a study of Dante’s Divine Comedy Volume One: The Inferno we turn to the translation and commentary crafted by Mark Musa. Musa’s translation is marked by a clear and understandable…

the-cinder-fields: “Wayne Douglas Barlowe, God’s Demon ”

>Contradições Bíblicas — Matusalém e o dilúvio | hypercubic

>Contradições Bíblicas — Matusalém e o dilúvio

The world is destroyed by water - Paul Gustave Dore (Bible illustrated)