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Ce legătură există între personalitatea și deciziile noastre? :)  https://issuu.com/performance-rau/docs/nr-53-iunie-sept-2016/32

This 9 Personality Test Reveals Your True Personality Type - Health Moment USA

Mind Full, or Mindful?

Mindfulness in Schools. Part 2: Research Says…

Image of a person and their dog walking in a park. The person's thought cloud is jumbled with many things; the dog just has the trees and the sun. The text says, "Mind Full, or Mindful?" A great reminder today.

30 questions for self discovery #selfdiscovery

Journaling Journaling Ideas Journal prompts Questions for self discovery Self Improvement Personal Growth How to Journal Lavendaire Free worksheet

Enneagram type 9

This week we’re jumping ahead in the Enneagram to look at the Type 9 Personality. Commonly known as the ‘Peacemakers,’ these are often the hardest personality type to identify simply because they can be so mellow.

12 Dinge, die mentale Helden nicht tun

12 Dinge, die mentale Helden nicht tun

This is my life, I'm owning it, every moment from this moment on. I will not allow negativity to enter my space. You come to a moment where you realize every moment matters, be mindful, be present and be in the moment, good or bad, BE PRESENT.

Music for DBT. For clinicians who work within the structure of DBT and want to learn music activities to reinforce, practice, and enrich the learning of Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills.

Myers-Briggs guide to the contrast of the two options on each of the four dimensions of personality

Great stick figure summary of each of the Myers Briggs types! :) Click the picture to see characters from tv shows, movies, cartoons and anime for each Myers Briggs personality type.

Thr Golden Rule

Funny pictures about The Religion Golden Rule. Oh, and cool pics about The Religion Golden Rule. Also, The Religion Golden Rule photos.

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Mindfulness teaches you to be aware of your own negative thoughts and judgements and to let go of them, open yourself to new feelings, positive ones.

enneagram 6 levels of integration/disintegration

Healthy, average, and unhealthy personality levels. (Litgram: An interesting chart for character traits and flaws. Could be used for analysis or creation. Is this character healthy? Do you agree with this chart? What would you change?

Defense Mechanisms | Dave's Enneagram

(Enneagram defense mechanisms we may use in everyday life to protect our ego. We use them to cope with unpleasant emotions.

Enneagram Type 2 - Discover, Explore, and Become your best self with Enneagram coach Beth McCord. Contact her at beth@yourenneagramcoach.com.  YourEnneagramCoach.com

Enneagram Type 2 - Discover, Explore, and Become your best self with Enneagram coach Beth McCord. Contact her at beth YourEnneagramCoac.