Sala Ayutthaya is the twenty-six-room boutique hotel, right across a most picturesque site of the old capital of Thailand along the Chao Phraya River. Phutthai Sawan Temple was built in 1353 AD by the first monarch of Ayutthaya Kingdom.

Timmy, these would be an idea at the end of the container dont you think? instead of bean bags

17 Window Seat Ideas

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Paint colour on walls. olive trees in courtyard. Evergreen, soft grey tones, hardy and easily shaped. Paint colour on walls

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Villa on IJburg island is a three-story high split-level villa with spacious design, high ceilings and great openness to the waterfront.

Dehors, heureux mariage de l'architecture, des sculptures de Martin Bialas, des chaises Fermob et de jarres ibicenca.

Villa en Méditerranée face à la mer

A dream villa on the Mediterranean. Outside happy marriage of architecture, sculptures by Martin Bialas, chairs Fermob and ibicenca jars.