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It's true. Just look to the things you paint that Jesus created! The trees, the flowers, animals, human beings, etc.

Persistent prayer

The value of persistent prayer - Pray always.without ceasing. power in prayer. The value of persistent prayer is not that He will hear us but that we finally hear Him.


Gratitude Quotes - Inspirational Thank You Quotes for Your Day

Thank You GOD for blessing me with much more than I deserve Quote love bless thankful love life happy blessed grateful heart God Christian


When it seems like things are falling apart they are actually falling together. Hold On.God is working all things out for your good.

God is working

"While we are waiting, God is working.and God is working IN you through your waiting

Simply Living By Faith

Calvary - original art by The Worship Project "No other name but the name of Jesus. Most Holy, most righteous” * * * View the original Worship Project!

Yes, every time you grasp a lesson or promise in Scripture, you can bank on a test shortly there after, to evaluate your belief in God❤️

This made me wonder if I've been tested deeply? Probably not yet, so far my faith hasn't cost me much in my life. But I hope I can be rooted so much in Christ that when trials do come I can find peace and joy in them.