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Big Wave mosaic...........enjoy!

giant WAVE glass mosaic -- this looks like work by Carolyn Wagner or Ariel Shoemaker -- If you know the artist, would you let me know so I can CREDIT this?

Ariel Shoemaker...

A commissioned mosaic piece . custom mosaic wall art by Ariel Shoemaker. It looks like there could be dichroic glass, especially at the bottom.

Mary julia

Oh this is a fantastic idea, left over foreign coins, a sweet reminder of moments

Kaleidoscope Mosaic | Nichole Aubrey Mosaics Using the direct method with an MDF substrate, tesserae materials include: Jasper, Lapis lazuli, Carnelian, Italian Murano Millefiori, Ceramic tile, Beads, Mirror, Glass rods and gems.

This is an original one-of-a-kind colorful kaleidoscope mosaic art piece titled Pi. Using the direct method with an MDF substrate, tesserae

"Glory Window," designed by Gabriel Loire, in the chapel of thanksgiving in thanks-giving square in dallas, texas.

This magnificent stained glass spiral is called The Glory Window. It forms the ceiling of the Chapel of Thanks-Giving in Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas. It is designed by Gabriel Loire of Chartres, France

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Detail of "Aqua Forte", my very first sculptural mosaic created for the International Symposium for Contemporary Mosaics in Clauiano, Italy Copyright 2015 Mia Tavonatti

mosaic art by Jane Kelly, JK Mosaics, www.janekellymosaics.com

Succulent Wall Planter

What is the difference between Indoor Art and Garden Art you may ask… The difference is in the materials. For the garden, water proof/resistant substrates, such as cement and cement board are used.

The light aqua color surrounding the burst of golden energy is darkening to teal at the edge of the first of eight elements. Sonia King project.

Mosaic installation in progress for Hall Arts by Sonia King Mosaic Artist I can see this on the bathroom floor, with a drain in the middle!

The tesserae includes tiny tiles, seed beads, glass beads in a variety of shapes and textures, glass tile and ceramic tiles

Vibrant Stained Glass Mosaics of Classic American Landscapes - My Modern Metropolis

Vibrant Stained Glass Mosaics of Classic American Landscapes

Kasia Mosaics - Stained Glass Mosaic Art, Process and Education by Kasia Polkowska ~ Alamosa, Colorado