My Deer Art Shop - Que le fuck ❥ sounds better then English

You were my cup of tea but I drink champagne now ❥

Edit: I'm sick of drinking champagne now, that was never realistic. All I want is my warm cup of tea back.

Cause you do like to deep throat shit don't ya MANdy....too bad you can't suck your own dick!

Well, maybe not the best insult as apparently you couldn't deep throat for shit and sucked in bed. Maybe that's why you had to initiate sex all the time - I saw your messages hehehe

another term for the word "mathematic"

Job & Work quote & saying another term for the word "mathematic". The quote Description another term for the word "mathematic"

Haha!  No doubt!

Yep pretty much💯💯👌most of the time your mind be knowing what you need but your heart be on some that LOVE shit

Yes, it’s true.

I'm sorry for the potty word but this is what I hear when someone texts me "K." So funny!

too funny not to save, don't mind the b word ;)

Inspirational Quotes: When one door closes, sometimes you want to get a hammer and nails to make sure that bitch stays shut. Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description When one door closes, sometimes.


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