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long pretty hair pretty long hair colorful braid with flower Beautiful hair! Up-do for when the hair is long again long hair.


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Top 50 Hairstyles for Oval Faces, worn by the hottest female celebrities. All hair styles and colours. Find the most flattering hairstyles for your face.

Gorgeous Natural Red Hair | katie camlin 11 days ago beautiful and natural curly red hair

freckles, blue eyes, sometimes curls are a proof of natural ginger-red, I like it/her

-separate hair into the three pieces to create your braid.  -before braiding, braid the center piece into its own braid.. then braid all three stands together.   .. this creates the illusion of a much thicker braid! I pull out strands around my face and loosen the braid for a messier look. I also use bobby pins where needed and of course spray again with hair spray. And that's it!

Simple trick to add texture to your braid: Get 3 strands for a normal braid. Loosely braid One Strand. Use that braided strand with the other 2 to form the final braid of all your hair. Loosen with fingers for more "messy.

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chestnut, wavy hair and a simple dress. pair the dress with a cardigan and wow cutee :)

Wavy long brunette hair...

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Brown hair colors are natural-looking brunette shades for medium to dark skinned women. There are light and dark brown hair colors for 2016 all of which look am