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Johnny Depp

sexy sexy man :) He’s been doing it for me since 21 Jump Street aired on April Can’t say that about any other actor.

no words

JOHNNY DEPP: One of the best actors of our time. He brings something incredible to each outrageous character: Edward Scissorhands, Captain Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, the Mad Hatter just to name a few. Plus he's HOT!

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Johnny Depp Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man Pin-Up Poster 24x36

Johnny Depp Portrait Poster 24x36

Johnny Depp Cigar and Sunglasses Movie Poster Print Movies Poster - 61 x 91 cm

A man who has aged amazingly graceful.....& has always sounded so emotional..which I find so sexy. Haha I love Captain Jack Sparrow

I'm sorry my darling Johnny, though your eyes penetrate my soul I cannot marry you. A one night stand, yes, marry.) Use your pain in your art and you'll thank me later.