Gabion fire feature, probably not something we could actually have in the yard, but neat idea.

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We can't wait to get the garden landscaped and to sit next to a cosy fire in the summer evenings-bliss!


ПОГРЕБ Groundfridge is an innovative take on the traditional root cellar. It meets the requirements of people with their own vegetable garden, who choose to live in a modern and self-sustaining way.

Nice idea ! #survival #preppers #preppertalk @CrazyPrepper

das Parkhotel (Drain Pipe Hotel)Austria Made from recycled drain pipes. There is actually no set fee to say in the Drain Pipe Hotel, you pay what you can and that is enough for them. (What a super idea).

Wood fired hot tub

Wood Fired Hot Tub

Wood-fired Hot Tub Perfect for friends. It can be carried in the back of a small pickup truck. It takes about 3 hours to get up to temperature and.

great fencing idea, can keep the little varmins out as well as large. dug down deep enough and maybe cement for sturdiness, could help keep your farm animals safe inside as well.-brandee

Gavión de Grava de Piedra Molida Some innovative ideas on display at Appeltern Gardens, such as this hardware cloth metal mesh gabion-like fence, or perhaps it's a wall, partially filled with trap rock.

Fire Pit by Cowboy Cauldron Co.

Fire Pit by Cowboy Cauldron Co. - would be nice to have it at an outdoor yard venue.

Oh my goodness.

Funny pictures about Most Epic Fire-Pit Ever. Oh, and cool pics about Most Epic Fire-Pit Ever. Also, Most Epic Fire-Pit Ever photos.

*Vivre en autonomie, produire son électricité..son chauffage et gérer l'eau: une réalité.*** - décroissance

* Living independently, producing electricity, heating and managing water: a reality.

Garden torches

to 종덕- 톤앤매너 참고 The raw, artistic feel of our Mesa Torches will fill any landscape with a desert ambiance.

Что такое габионы и зачем они нужны / габионы /


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Bamboo Lashing Techniques

Beautiful and Easy DIY Outdoor Fire Pit. Use the Rockwood Steel Insert and Cooking Grate to create a wood burning fire pit instantly or custom designed to fit your outdoor patio! You can grill on an open fire with the included swivel cooking grate.

DIY Fire Pit Ideas - Want to build your own fire pit? We have compiled a list of 20 DIY fire pit ideas that you can build for your own home.