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You are Beautiful In Jesus

Be God's Kind Of Beautiful! God's kind of beautiful is being kind to everyone, even those unkind to you.

Prachtige text voor een dochter I am a Princess of Royal birth. My Father is king of heaven and earth.

I am a daughter of royal birth. My father is King of heaven & earth. My spirit was born in the courts on high. A child beloved, a princess am I. --- love this for a daughters room or even change princess to prince & have in a sons room.

You are chosen, loved and redeemed by the king.

Daughter of the King Shirt

You are loved, redeemed and the daughter of the King! Wear this shirt proudly! Shown here in the white with solid black font.

The Title Daughter of the King is given to us for no other reason than we are related to the King {Hive Resources}

Why the title Daughter of the King is the best title we could ever crave

The Title Daughter of the King is given to us for no other reason than we are rel to the King {Hive Resources}

You are beautiful

I decided to make my own version of the daughter of God quote. It says: You are a daughter of an Almighty God. You are a princess destined to become a queen.

This was the theme my very first year in young woman's                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Darcy Patterson Design Photography: Printable - Be the Loyal to the Royal within You

Daughter of The King. He is calling your name  to come and take your place before His throne.

Daughter of a King. He's calling your name To come and take your place Before His throne.

♥ This poem is a good theme for 1-Minute Bible Love Notes. My desire in writing them and sending them to subscribers is to make us "People of the Word"  ~ ♥ Gail  ~ When you read the devotion, why not sign up for a free subscription to Bible Love Notes?

Being A Woman of the Word, Having God's Word in Our Hearts

this is my prayer! Knowing God's Word and trusting in Jesus are essential elements of the Christian life. This poem expresses the importance of reading our Bibles and walking closely with the Lord. It's from Bible Love Notes.

Sometimes converts have a hard time getting back to God's Word.  How do we read and study God's Word as a woman of the Catholic faith?  Great wisdom for busy moms!

Now that I'm Catholic...how do I read the Bible

How does an everyday Catholic read the scriptures under the authority of the Church that Christ established. Let's read the Bible!