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A good marriage requires time. It requires effort. You have to work at it. You have to cultivate it. You have to forgive and forget. You have to be absolutely loyal one to another. - Gordon B. Hinckley Everything You Need To Know!

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I want your heart.

For when you just don't have the right words, here's some love quotes for him that will - for SURE - make his heart melt.

Not just in marriage. A relationship should follow the same guidelines..

Dave Willis marriage quote in every disagreement in marriage remember this one truth my spouse is my partner not my enemy we will win together or lose together

5 motivatie killers

Inspirational picture quote - people inspire you, or they drain you - pick them wisley - Hans F Hansen

What's the difference between spirituality and religion?

WOW, what an awesome thought.well, guess I should have expected it from Deepak, right?

Arrrggh, me mateys, as pirates we know the sea be dangerous... and we proudly sail anyway. Hoist the sails!  Pirates!

The fisherman know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore - Vincent Van Gogh

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"Sometimes you can't explain what you see in a person. It's just the way they take you to a place where no one else can" True love quote

One day, you will wake up and there won't be time to do the things you've always wanted. Do it now. - Paulo Coelho

Sometimes the "I would love to: see that person, do that course, get that body I really want, spend time by the ocean or out in nature, travel to that picture postcard place etc" . Becomes a distant memory. How sad is that? How sad it is to substitute

forever is a long time. make sure to spend it with someone that makes you giggle.

A giggle is a smile that grew too big for your heart to hold inside. The mere thought of you makes me giggle every time! I love you And in case you are wondering. That is an original quote by yours truly;