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When we saw this particular little lamb covered in filth at Edgar's Mission, it wasn't long before tears were welling up in our eyes.

This Rescued Baby Lamb's Heartwarming Transformation Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

sheep. This is so funny to me too. Don't know why floating animals are so freaking hilarious to me.

Dorito style chips - NO CARBS! Just zucchini, eggs, & cheese! I'm so excited! I haven't been able to eat Doritos since I became allergic to corn. Now to make a spicy version. :) Enjoy this recipe and For great motivation, health and fitness tips, che.

Krazy Kees - this is so true! Even do it with a hearth rug and floor mat!

Crazy Kees - this is so true! Even do it with a hearth rug and floor mat!


I smile because the Valais Blacknose Sheep is rivaled in cuteness only by the highland cattle.

The dog who has a pet rock. #dogs #doglovers #pitbulls #funny #pet #petrock

My pet’s pet…

My dog has a pet rock. <--- well that is a really nice rock, I mean look at it. look at THAT rock, if you were going to have a pet rock, wouldn't you pick THAT one too? the dog has excellent taste.

Awe or should I say ewe lol

Little lambs love to jump on top of their mamas. From Getting Stitched on the Farm: sheep can't wait for my lambs :)