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These Earth mothers are wonderful. Witchcraft is such a damaged word becuase of the Inquisition. The church wanted all Feminne forms of worship destroyed. They DID NOT SUCCEED. And now She is rising again.

Haunting stories with an occult twist by Nona Limmen

“My wild heart craves shadows. Like a bat unfurling its wings, I open myself to darkness;

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Vintage postcard, identification markings on the reverse dates it from around Via: Black Cat Bone House

"You're a... witch?" "Hmm" she said, with a smile.  "So it's like a superpower, right?"  She stopped her spell and pondered for a minute. " Yes, I guess." and then she added, with a wicked smile " But I'm no superhero, that I'm sure.".

Akeso (Greek: Ακεσο) was the goddess of healing (wounds) and curing (illness).


In North America, the American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) is a common sight. The Crows is an all-black bird, even on the legs and bill an.

2nd driver license of women  - ❤️ahk

Women are all angels, And when someone breaks their wings, they fly on brooms. ~unknown see lex and kay. I got a broom too.

Heike Langhans

I am in the mood to dissolve in the sky. Blinding Moon by SynistyM

I cast this spell wi love positive words

Jackie's Book of Fire. This book is filled dark magic. Jackie is still learning how to control her powers and how to contain them within spells. She doesn't really pick up this book because it could turn her into a Dark Witch.

There is nothing worse than a smiling mannequin.

Awesome portraits of vaudeville ventriloquist dummies. Awesome portraits of vaudeville ventriloquist dummies.